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Let's co-design MOBIS:
a service to improve citizen science technologies!

22 April | 09:00 - 11:00 CEST

Cos4Cloud Presentation

This workshop, organized by the Horizon2020 Cos4Cloud project, consists of a creative
co-design session where you will directly contribute to improving citizen observatories technologies.

The activity will be focused on (Mobile Observation Integration Service), a service that will allow citizen scientists to customize their own project by collecting and combining all sorts of helpful information from photographs or low-cost sensors linked to a mobile website or a native app platform. We will explain this service during the workshop, and then you will share your opinion about it through an innovative co-design methodology!

If you join us, you will help overcome the challenges that citizen science communities currently face; besides, you will be an active part of the open science movement: Cos4Cloud's technological services are open source and intended to be adapted improved by the interested community. Of course, you will also have an excellent time chatting with a diverse group of people about citizen science.

You don't need any previous experience or training in co-design; just willing to enjoy these creative sessions.

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